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Live slide screenshot so presenter can see a preview

With the live screenshot preview, the presenter can see their current slide or next slide on the clicker for easy referencing while presenting.

Countdown timer for that all-important time keeping

Set a countdown timer for your presenters, as the timer reaches zero the colour changes helping the presenter know how long they have left.

Send custom messages to presenters

Communicate with your presenters via the clicker for a quick and easy messaging system.

Send Powerpoint speaker notes to the clicker

Send speaker notes from Powerpoint, Google Slides or Keynote direct to the clicker so presenters can keep their eyes in one place.

Packed full of features

Keep screen awake option

Screen timeouts are annoying. Use this to keep your presenters screen awake.

Cuelight option

A classic option when you want to be alerted when the presenter changes the slide. With sounds!

Unlimited presenters

You can have many presenters connected to your license so scales well for larger events.

Laser pointer

Allow your presenters to use their mouse as a laser pointer, showing a red dot over your slide screen so the audience can more easily follow.

Use on non-focused Powerpoint window

Useful if you have multiple things running on your machine and don't want your slides software in the foreground.

Windows, Mac and Powerpoint Plugin apps

We've covered all the options meaning you can choose the best app to download for your presentation machine.

Control when presenters can click

When you have multiple presenters you can control who can click and when. Useful to stop presenters from clicking when it's not their turn!

Easy-to-use admin interface for producers

All the options are in an easy-to-access web interface allowing you to control your show from any device.

Works with all
presentation software

Google Slides
And many more!

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We take security very seriously at Internet Clicker and all content is sent over HTTPS and encrypted. We don't store your presentations and if enabled by you, only a single screenshot is stored at any one time during the lifetime of your event which is also encrypted at rest. Contact us for more information on our security and architecture.

Pricing and Plans

Free Trial

A 24-hour trial of Internet Clicker to win you over.

£0 / 24 hours
  1. 24 hours of Pro License functionality


Basic clicking capabilities for controlling remote slideshows for a single machine.

  1. Unlimited events
  2. Remote clicker
  3. Unlimited multiple presenters
  4. Embed in other apps


Additional capabilities for event production scenarios.

  1. Live screenshot sent to presenter
  2. Control when presenters can click
  3. Control multiple machines at same time (multiple licenses needed)
  4. Light and tone indicator (Cue light system)
  5. Countdown timer for presenters
  6. Laser pointer
  7. Reserve presenter codes


Suitable for scenarios where licenses are distributed among users.

£1199 / year *
  1. 50 pro licenses included (huge saving!)
  2. User provisioning - no more shared license keys or accounts
  3. Branded email sent to user upon creation
  4. Professional onboarding

*Per license. License will auto-renew when expired. Licenses can be cancelled anytime in your dashboard. Licenses can be moved between computers freely but only used on one machine at a time. For use on multiple machines additional licenses are required. Use any device with a web browser as remote control (mobile/table/desktop). Client available on Windows and macOS. Plugins are available for PowerPoint and Google Slides.


Add-ons are cool features that add extra functionality to Internet Clicker. They are valid for 12 months from purchase. Once added they can be used with all of your licenses under your account no matter how many you have!

Custom Clicker

Define your own clicker layouts. Plus additional support for alphanumeric characters.

£299 / year

Free Trial


A handy JavaScript SDK for fitting Internet Clicker into your own website layout.

£499 / year

Free Trial

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